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Custom Shop FAQ


What If I Want To Color Match A Component To My Car?

The Custom Shop Configurator currently has an option to have you paint the dial, pointer and retainer yourself if you'd like to match these exactly to your vehicle. When you order with this option, we will automatically send out three of each of the components for you to paint and send back for screening and assembly. We have included a color wheel tool in the configurator to allow you to match an infinite amount of colors for visulaization purposes. Please be aware that we can't be responsible in the rare instance that issues arise from specific paint types being incompatible with our screening process. While we are currently unaware of any such incompatibilities, this does not remove them from the realm of possibility. We will make every effort to work with you should a problem arise. The build process begins as soon as the painted pieces have been received by Auto Meter and they have passed a screening adherence test.

Will The Gauges Look Exactly Like What I See On Screen?

The color on the physical Custom Shop gauges you receive and the gauges on the website may differ for a few reasons. First, screen color calibration and brightness play a large role in how exact the colors may match. We use pantone colors through the Custom Shop to provide a close representation of the colors used on the final product. However, due to it being a digital representation of a physical product, it is very difficult to make an exact match.  With minor changes from batch to batch, the paint mixes can vary the color slightly. The dial color can also play a role in the shade of the numbers and ticking, similar to the base coat of paint on a car can affect the final outcome. Color samples are available upon request for an additional charge. Contact our Custom Shop at (866)248-6356 for more information.

What Are The Dimensions Of The Custom Shop Gauges?

You can find gauge sizing information here.

How Do The Custom Shop Gauges Illuminate?

The Auto Meter Custom Shop gauges light around the dial, flooding light from the edges. We currently offer incandescent bulbs or LED lighting options. We are currently not offering any custom through-the-dial lit gauges in the Custom Shop at this time. A thing to keep in mind with the optional color LED illumination is the balance of color. For instance, a red LED will make red numbers or a red pointer a bit harder to see compared to using white lighting or a white pointer instead.

What Forms Of Payment Are Accepted?

The Auto Meter Custom Shop accepts Visa, Mastercard and Discover.

Is My Order Secure?

We use Verisign 128-Bit Encryption for the most secure online purchasing available. Auto Meter does not store your payment information; immediately after the payment is processed, this information is securely deleted. We take your privacy and your trust very seriously and take the extra step to guarantee a safe shopping experience.

What Are Shipping Charges Like?

This is one area you will not have to worry about. Regardless of the size of your gauge kit, any kit shipped anywhere in the continental US is shipped for free. No hidden fees, no handling charges. We use UPS as our exclusive shipping partner.

What About International Shipping?

International shipping rates will vary from $49.99 - $99.99 (USD) depending on your location. This charge is not inclusive of any taxes, duties, excise or other fees associated with imports. 

How Long Will My Order Take?

Currently, we expect each gauge set to be custom built to your specification and shipped out within 3 weeks of the initial order. Some orders may happen quicker than others, but in most cases this will be the maximum amount of time. If there are any issues that may prevent your order from being completed within this time period, a member of our staff will contact you. In instances where you are painting components yourself, this time period will be extended somewhat due to shipping times back and forth.

What Type Of Warranty Is Included?

All products purchased through the Auto Meter Custom Shop include our full one year competition warranty. Our gauges are made to stand up to the rigors of racing and we stand behind each and every one of them as we have for over 50 years. Auto Meter's legendary technical support staff is also available to you, free of charge, regardless of the age of the products. Because these are custom instruments, no returns are accepted.

Are Custom Shop Gauges Suitable For Race Applications?

Absolutely. Every Auto Meter gauge is built with the singular purpose of being the best gauge available for any application, for any amount of money, anywhere. Accuracy and durability are second to none and all of this goes in before our name goes on. We hold more motorsports wins than all other instrument manufacturers combined and plan to keep it that way.